The university of Nairobi American football team received an invitation from the KUSA central conference Chairman to conduct a Demonstration game at Meru School. American football has for the past years grown its fan base and media popularity. For that students  from other institutions are willing to learn and be part of the new culture as a contact sport besides rugby.
Other disciples present during the tournament; Rugby, Handball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Basketball just to mention but a few. This was rather a rare opportunity for the Meru residents and other visitors to experience this new, one of a kind sport introduced in Kenya during the KUSA Central tournament with Twenty (20) universities and colleges in attendance.
The Demo happened to be one of the most attended in Kenya American football since 2013 demonstration program was introduced, with over 1500 spectators present. This was an organized match between the university’s  first and the second team  playing during the Rugby match breaks of 40minutes.The spectators present were able to grasp and capture a rough idea of how the game is played and also how scoring is done. After the Demo, basic and simple rules were explained to spectators and the interested players were able to dress up for a trial game.
We got a positive response, having captured the interest of mostly former and current rugby players. Moreover, Three (3) universities showed interest and requested for a similar demonstration to be conducted in their institutions in order to develop the sport in Kenya. These were Kenyatta, Mt Kenya and Kemu University.
To conclude, the event was a success and a great  achievement  and a lot is also being done to ensure that in future  major American Football tournaments  are held  in most of the universities.

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