Tom Kelly
Many may not reIMG_20150709_191446cognize him but only a few who have interacted with him. He is the man who launched football back in 90s here at the university of Nairobi and later boosted it in 2011 with the east Africa championship games.

While Mr. Alwanga was in canton Ohio this July he meet Kelly and booth discussed about football development here in Kenya since he went back to states.

He was very happy of the work Mr. Alwanga had done with football and promised to give him guidance to continue with the same.  In addition he went ahead to donate more jerseys for the teams here in Kenya, pants. Boots and shoulder pads..

His massage was ” you can stand in front of a speeding train to stop it”. Let football grow and let people enjoy and cherish the new culture of sport introduced.He is looking forward to see Kenya participate in tournaments soon.

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