The JKUAT ‘ Sparrows’ American  football team comprising of ambitious and dedicated players was founded  in the month September 2014 through the great collaboration  between the university of Nairobi main campus being pioneers of the game and the Jkuat  Juja  campus.

section of the team
section of the team

This was inspired and made possible by one Mr. Alwanga George (now chairman, American football Kenya) who saw the need to have many teams on board especially universities so as to bring about the spirit of sportsmanship and competition among them .

Through constant talks with the university sports department which later bore fruits and led to interested students signing up for the new game.

A date was set and the Jkuat sparrow’s team got the opportunity to witness the much anticipated Demonstration of the game at the Jkuat grounds, a clash between the MIGHTY NYATI versus the BIFA SPARTANS.

This was a rare opportunity and first of its kind where skills and rules of the game was taught to the new players and as it is said the rest is history.

Ever since the inception of the sport in the campus, the progress has been well and the team boasts of having best players in the region after a recruitment drive was conducted in the campus by the Captain Mr Kishoyan George who was able to select and nurture a super breed of ambitious players.


The team is privileged enough to have a training ground in the institution whereby the players converge every Tuesday-Friday of the week to do various activities so as to ensure proper fitness   for individuals and as a team at large. So far the determination of the players has enabled this to be a success regardless of the challenges that the team face on day to day basis.


The team faces a key number of challenges mainly training gear for the players and this includes helmets, shoulder pads, pants, jerseys and boots. This is due to their costly nature of acquiring them .

Lack of enough balls and training cones has also made the progress of the game to be slow. However, the spirit of players has not yet been broken even after injuries have occurred in the past during training and the team is optimistic about having a better future.

The Jkuat sparrows is however very grateful  to the support of  MIGHTY NYATI(UON) for their spirit of sharing they have demonstrated  during  tournaments whereby  players have no choice but to share their limited gear and this ends up with some of them missing and therefore playing without.

Lack of coaches has also been a challenge but this has never broken down the spirit and determination of the team. The captain has over the time doubled up also as the coach and ensured that his players get the required knowledge through the use of you tube, inviting guest coaches and the use of CD’s supplied to us by other coaches.


For The last months  JKUAT SPARROWS has had several  achievements added to its name and this includes defeating The BIFA SPARTANS and  always giving MIGHTY NYATI a hard time in penetrating the defense thus leading to very interesting game .

The team has also produced the best players (running backs and tacklers) in the region during various tournaments and this includes the likes of Brian Nakitare and Mark Omondi. This has led to a great competition in the region and the team shall remain to be a greater force to reckon with.


Despite the challenges being faced, the team still has got future plans ahead of them that they need to

accomplish. This includes:-

  • Ensuring that all old and new players are well equipped with the knowledge pertaining  the game.
  • To be the best in the region.
  • To ensure that our hard work and determination meets the eyes of various well-wishers and sponsors  who will then  come on board to support the team.
  • Plans of ensuring that we produce the best players who are then selected to join the national team.

And finally, the captain, sports department, being in charge of Jkuat sparrows and the entire team wishes to thank the University of Nairobi (mighty nyati) for having extended their help and support to us in various ways thus making the game more popular and ensuring that American football is made to go to greater heights.


Capt. George Kimani Kishoyan