UMOJACHIEFS is the second American football team in Kenya  formed in April 2013 by Shaban Suleiman a student at Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts. He picked up his skills while playing for University Nairobi American Football (NYATI).

Being one among the first pioneers of the team he realized that there was no much taking place about this beautiful sport and so the need to start up a teams as this would change the level of competition. Suleiman held talks with then captain University of Nairobi Mr George Alwang’a to see the raise of another team, where he agreed to support and help build the team. This made the popularity of the sport grow beyond university of Nairobi.

Together with the sports director BIFA, They arranged for Posters and tryouts for students to sing up. It took them by surprise to see recruits and even the outsiders got interested to be part of the magnificent sport .Training days and hours were set with more than 25 players on the field. Their unity, commitment, workmanship gave them their name ‘UMOJACHIEFS’.

The team drew its coaching materials from football rules books online, drills; plays and tackles YouTube played a huge role at the initial stages of the team. They received 5 balls and 31 pants from a friend of American football and a philanthropist Mr. Kenneth Masika. This did promote the level of the sport and even the competition.


  • It does not have a coach and players relay on the on materials at their exposure with the help of the captains.
  • There no gears, training pants, jerseys, Chest pads etc. suit for the game as they are expensive and not locally available.
  • Equipment to match up the sport football manuals, training equipment etc.
  • Technical staff. There are no trained coaches enough to help develop the sport.

Future prospects

  • To get our own training ground which will accommodate all the players since the number of players is constantly on the raise.
  • Well-wishers and sponsors to cheap in and help grow the sport.
  • To be part of the national team and produce best players in the local leagues.

We need to see our national team participate in tournaments not only in Kenya or African but the world at large.