Early May this year, we were introduced to touch (flag) football. It is a non-contact version of football that helps players grow in the sport and brings structure to the game. It is simple yet very educative.

The players both offensive and defense get to grasp the rhythm, the tactics, the strategy employed in the game. Most importantly it enables the quarterback to improve his skill set and know how to run the game effectively.

To work on accuracy so that the team is able to gain yards in the football field and in the end to score a touchdown. The quarterback position carries a lot of weight in that he is supposed to run the plays, coordinate and deliver the ball to his teammates on time even when under pressure.

The offensive linemen normally consist of players who are heavy to help protect the quarterback in the game. In the case of touch football an offensive lineman is able to work on this speed, flexibility since it is a non-contact game. The game encourages players to be dynamic intellectually, physically fit and mentally strong.

Wide receivers are engaged in high speed maneuvers to catch the ball and evade the defense. The coach is therefore given a chance to identify the strength and weaknesses of his/her players thus knowing how to maximize the output of each individual.

The game requires a lot of teamwork and optimum utilization of training. This version has not only helped players to understand the sport on a personal level but also expand the sport to the young generation in primary and high schools.

The preceding touch (flag) football tournaments have proved to be competitive and the players have grown fond of this version of football. This version has made it easier to teach and introduce the sport as it is gender-neutral; women have also been introduced to the sport leading to growth in numbers.

A league has been set up in this effect to continue to promote the sport and its growth. The clubs; Umoja Chiefs, Jkuat Sparrows, Mighty Nyati, USIU (United States International University) and Highway high school have been training diligently for the upcoming league. The players are looking forward to compete in the league and take the prize. Get ready for the exhilarating league to kick off Saturday 30th July 2016. Join us for a great experience.

Word of encouragement:

When others sit, stand

When others stand, stand out

When others stand out, be outstanding

When others are outstanding, be a standard of measure.

God bless!



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