It was a successful day at the University of Nairobi, where players came out in numbers to participate in two hand touch (Flag football) organized by the Mighty Nyati. The tournament was well attended by both genders that were present to not only witness the game but also promote the sport.

The day was ushered in with a nice warm up from players followed by a brief talk from head coach DAN ECK, who explained the rules of the game and later split players into teams. Two hand touch was a exhilarating encounter  for most. Experienced players had a chance to show case their foot works, skills and ball handling ability.

Having 5 teams in total, team two emerged top due to consistency in terms of wins and they acquired no losses.

The MVP Derrick Gesora from the mighty Nyati squad duped a couple of defenses repeatedly without fail with his eyes and shoulder, which pulled them away from the intended receiver.

While Andrew Keitany from the Umoja chiefs got the best and promising Tight End award. He bullied the defense with his body size, while his gigantic hands couldn’t let the football slip off. It was a spectacular show as hundreds watched on the sidelines.

Jkuat sparrows will be our second host of the tournament .This kind of tournaments have enabled teams to recruit more young players and thus growing the numbers as they prepare for tackle football come October.

Come out this Saturday to watch the beautiful sport and the thrilling tournament. Thank you. Don’t Miss Out.




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