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Seeing a young one gather skill and knowledge is one of the best feelings ever. KFAF came up with many resolutions one of them being getting the game to the grassroots and making the society part of the American Football Kenya team.

To bring the resolution into action, it was taken seriously into account by JKUAT Sparrows and the Umoja chiefs who were first to take the game out to the kids in the society.

Early January 2016, JKUAT Sparrows with the assistance of their coach and the captins, a flag football team for the kids was formed comprised of primary school children Aged 12-16 from Gashororo Primary school in Juja.

The kids train mostly on Saturdays with close and proper guidance from the JKUAT coach and the two captains at the JKUAT grounds. It’s such a great and intriguing view seeing them cope with the game away from the commonly known soccer.

With their sharp reflexes they are quick to learn and understand the game despite the fact that they only show up once a week due to the fact that they attend school during the weekdays.

Some flag football for them during the weekend is such a cure to their curious and developing minds.

                                                                    Going for the ballgasho 2

Despite the lack of sizeable equipment and balls to go along with their not so huge bodies and hands, the kids keep pushing on with great interest and determination. Who knows as time goes by they will be able to participate in competitive and professional leagues here in Kenya and around the world.

The future of American football in Kenya is in the hands of these young enthusiastic upcoming athletes. Let’s encourage them for a better American football experience in future. Long Live  America Football.


story quoted from JKUATSPARROWS




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