The newly formed Kenya Federation of American Football (KFAF) has finally got the ministry’s nod and is recognized as having full mandate over all matters American Football in Kenya. The brainchild of George Alwang’a (chairman) and partially Kenneth Masika (acting treasurer), it has taken quite an amount of effort to get the federation to this point.

Registration of this federation is a result of a series of closed door meetings bent on the promotion and advancement of American Football in Kenya. Subsequently, the Kenya federation of American Football is now part of the seventy one countries that make up the International Federation of American Football (IFAF).

This is by all means a win of sorts for Kenya since it has finally gotten out of the cage that was itself. The federation will from now on be exposed to world championship competitions and with the support of IFAF, it will be able to roll out an array of competitions of its own, including even fielding an under nineteen team at some point.

The federation now has a functioning board comprising of seven members and an additional three members listed as committee members. The board definitely has a couple of new names but is predominantly occupied by well known football enthusiasts who have worked really hard to get the federation to this point. The interim members are as follows

IMG-20160301-WA0006 (2)


Chairman – George Alwang’a

Vice Chairman – Moses Ondeng

Secretary – Stacy Wairimu

Treasurer – Kenneth Masika (acting).

Head Coach – Dan Eck.

Public Relations Officer – Emmanuel Mianga

US liaison officer – Frederick Sine.


  1. Georgina Musimbi.
  2. Matthews Orodi.
  3. Frederick Olulo.

This team already has their work cut out for them given the various activities that they need to roll out this year. Worth noting though is the lack of sponsorship for the sport this individuals aim to oversee.

The chairman in conjunction with the coach and players are currently on a quest to drive sponsorship especially for the much talked about trip to Monterrey, Mexico, for the World University Championships.

The board is reaching out to any interested individuals, well wishers and corporations which seek to grow together with them to contact them promptly. All offers will be abundantly appreciated.


  1. Comment:I hope you are all fine,I have found my interest in your NFL sports.I wonder if you can offer me a chance and I can commit myself and do my best thank you.


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