It has been quite a while since the Mighty Nyati beat their bitter arch rivals the jkuat sparrows. It’s an ugly record that has been attributed to lack of coordination and team work.


Apparently, the team that was fielded by Nyati derailed by partly ‘know it all’ attitude by the team members who have an impressive mastery of the game coupled with lack of practice to some extent. The JKUAT sparrows on the other hand have been on a roll with a stellar winning streak after finally breaking the previously seemingly unbeatable Nyati.

Conversations with key Nyati players reveal that the effort and determination displayed by Jkuat sparrows is simply unparalleled. It is rumored that the jkuat sparrows have a much disciplined practice routine with committed players that show up in time for practice.

They also show eagerness and increased willingness to learn the game and improve their skill. This is what seems to have given them the confidence finally grab and run away with the title as the best Kenya has to offer.

Most of the Nyati players ironically have shrugged off jkuat’s victories as a passing cloud of luck. And this would hold true given that Nyati has held the mantle as the best team in Kenya and even at one point, East Africa for several years.


Apparently Nyati’s key players have constantly been on the move with some graduating, been taken away by the ever demanding work life and some going back to their home counties in the wake of the uncertain and sporadic long holidays. The sparrows have been favored by this because their team seems to remain intact all through the year while Nyati’s officials scramble to inject new recruits (read rookies) to fill in for the skillful, experienced but absent players.

An objective scrutiny of both teams though, just goes on to reiterate my previous post on the direction American Football in Kenya is about to take. Both teams will be fronting formidable competition in their quest to seal their status as the very best in the country. The sparrows are still basking in their previous glories while Nyati is on a mission to prove them wrong.

Word has it that both camps have stepped up their training strategies. The jkuat sparrows have remained tight lipped on what they have in store with Nyati taking a different strategy of giving updates on what they are up to on their Facebook page. Recently they have seemingly gone back to the basics perhaps retracing their steps to find out at what point exactly the rain started beating them.

Their camp is also said to have grown considerably given the cocktail of players they can confidently switch in the game without losing value.

The Sparrows on the other hand are said to be looking to develop their throws on the offensive. The sparrows are said to have an impenetrable defensive team, something that has had a massive contribution to their wins.

They are also said to have arguably the best running backs given a great percentage of points they have scored this year have been as a result of running plays. The Nyati on the other hand have always counted on their receivers to seal their wins given they have the best quarter backs and some of the best receivers in the game.

The overall consensus is that an improvement in jkuat’s throwing plays would render them unbeatable. This precept fortunately for the Nyati team, cannot be substantiated by empty talk and will have to be proved to the defiantly arrogant and newly united Nyati team.

As we usher the year, the battle lines have been drawn. The contenders, two great teams set apart by various contrasts.

Jkuat sparrows, an openly diffident team but as lethal as the black mamba in the field. This team was previously known as underdogs and they spent an awful lot of time in the shadow of the UoN Nyati and the Buruburu Spartans.

In their maiden games, they were thrashed mercilessly by the above mentioned teams riding on their lack of experience and shaky knowledge of the basics of the game. With time they grew steadily, slowly but surely edging out the Spartans to the position of title contenders.

So far they have been on an upward trajectory recently threatening to dethrone The Mighty Nyati from UoN, the kings of Kenyan American Football. Can they do it? Let’s wait and see.

The UoN’s Nyati (The Mighty Nyati) is the exact opposite of the sparrows they are unapologetically confident making them appear arrogant in some instances. Their confidence is backed by their track record of back to back wins and a winning streak that has only been recently cracked open by the jkuat sparrows. Nyati has not taken this lying down though, they know they have everything it takes to take back the top spot.

Unlike the Spartans that are still struggling with throws, the Nyati has a well-rounded team of well-skilled quarter backs, line men, wide receivers and running backs and unfortunately for Jkuat, they have the experience to back it up.

Talk to any Nyati player and they will tell you with unshaken zeal that the throne is theirs for the taking. These soldiers will be simply baying for blood on their next meeting.2016 is gonna be, as they say, ‘muuuuurda!’

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